Sump Pump Power

Sump Pump Alarms – Your First Line of Defense

Sooner or later, your sump pump will fail. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a warning?

It may fail because of a power outage, or it may fail quietly and unexpectedly.

Sump pump alarms alert you when your sump basin overflows.

Sump Pump Failure

Sump pumps are reliable. They go about their job and you never seem to pay attention to it. Sometimes you are reminded, because you hear it working. However, most of the time, you never notice it working. There is no need to for you to pay attention to it.

Then it fails quietly. Maybe the motor burned out. Maybe the pump clogs with silt. Or maybe, the pressure switch has failed. In any case, the pit fills with water until it overflows.

With no pump working, your basement begins to fill with water. But you do not catch it. Why? Because you have no reason to go down there. There is only a bunch of boxes and old furniture down there.

So, days go by. Weeks may go by, and you think, “What’s that smell?” Then you look into your basement. There is a foot of water down there. Now you have the cost of cleaning up, not to mention mold.

Sump Pump Alarm – First Alert

Your first line of defense is from a sump over flow is a high water alert system. A sump pump alarm alerts you when the water level reaches a certain point in your sump pit. This level that is preset by you.

A sump pump triggers to pump when the water reaches a certain level. A high water alarm also triggers at a certain water level. The water level indicator is set at a water level higher than the trigger for the sump pump. If the water reaches the high water alarm indicator, it is a sign that there is a problem. The alarm will go off and you need to react.

Sump pump alarms are electrically powered. Some alarms work with your home security system. Other alarms have a battery backup.

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Sump Pump Backup Plan

If you have a power outage, you know that your pump is not going to work. Battery backed sump pump alarms can help here. By having a battery backed alarm, you do not continually need to check the sump water levels. You can wait for the alarm to sound before you react.

Most power outages occur during a storm. When there is a power outage, your sump pump will not work because it has no electricity to run the motor. With a power stopping storm often comes rain, sometimes lots of it. The rain goes down through the ground, collects in your basin, and the pump usually remove it. But this time, it cannot. You have a power outage.

To protect yourself against flooding during power outages, you have choices. You can rent during the crisis, or buy a backup power generator. There are both gasoline and natural gas-powered electrical generators available. When the power goes out, you start the generator, plug your sump pump into it, and let it work normally.

An alternative is to install a battery operated backup system. You can either have this staged, ready to swap-in during of a power outage, or installed as a fail-over installed system.

Battery backed sump pump alarma can help in either of these case. You may not want run your generator all the time. The alarm can alert you when you need to react.

In the case where your sump pump fails without a power outage, sump pump alarms may give you sufficient warning so that you can get the sump pump repaired or replaced.

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